Deeds 06.27.15

Vickie F. Morgan to Timothy T. Holliday and Linda S. Dempsey, 6,708 Sq. Ft. Lewisburg District

Edna Reed to David Gum and Sandra Schmocker, 21.85 Acres, Williamsburg District

Jeri D. Martin to David L. Martin, Lots #7, 8, 9, 10, Western View Land Company Addition, Town of Alderson

Thelma J. McQuade to Stanley McQuade, Lot #28, Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca Village, White Sulphur District

Gordon W. Lewis, Jr. and Marie M. Lewis to Oakhurst Club, LLC, 90 Acres, White Sulphur District

J. Michael Anderson to 300 N, LLC, 20,743 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

J. Michael Fogus to Christopher Lee Boggs and Sarah Elizabeth Callison, 1.01 Acres, Frankford District

Gary H. Bryant and Ann B. McCullen, Lot # 4, Alderson Building Corp. Subdivision, Town of Alderson

Eva Susan Bryant to Emily Dawn King, 2.80 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Thomas Keith Galford to Gideon Michael Tate and Theresa E. Mellette, 1.024 Acres, Lewisburg District

James M. Johnson and Julie B. Johnson to Justice Family Farms, LLC, 132.393 Acres, Ronceverte Municipality

Sandra J. Lokant to Jocelyn Emily Ford, 12,952 Sq. Ft., Lewisburg District

Annetta Gracelene Drennen to Robin Annetta Groves, 0.5 Acre. Meadow Bluff District

Michael F. Thomas and Christine L. Eggleston to Reuben Thomas and Ruth Thomas, 37,225 Sq. Ft., Williamsburg Tax District

City National Bank of W.V. to Jeremy R. Tincher and Tammy L. Tincher, Lot #30, Block 15, Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Town of Rainelle

Karen A. Butler to Oakhurst Club. LLC, 5 Acres, White Sulphur District

Robert G. Davis to Oakhurst Club, LLC, 2.922 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Cleo H. Clendenen to Oakhurst Club, LLC, Property #1-97 Acres; Property #2-38.404 Acres; Property #3-10 Acres, White Sulphur District

Michael W. Dolin to Oakhurst Club, LLC. 1.89 Acres, White Sulphur Dist.

Howard H. Hunt and Ramona E. Hunt to Richard L. Moore and Iris M. Moore, Property #1-24,136 Sq. Ft.; Property #2-20,957 Sq. Ft., City of Lewisburg

Kenneth L. Ford to Tammy Skaggs and Lee Skaggs, Parcel #1-0.486 Acre; Parcel #2-0.447 Acre; Parcel #3-0.466 Acre, Town of Alderson

Travis L. Martin and Amber S. Martin to Linda Lou Loudermilk, Tract 1-8 Acres; Tract 11-4.60 Acres; Tract 111-21.57 Acres, Williamsburg District


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