Deeds 05.16.15

James D. Bennett to Timothy P. Donovan and Tina K. Donovan, Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, Block 3, Walnut Hills Addition, Ronceverte Municipality

William Jeryl Fink and Ann Eckman Fink to Kimberlee Hanger White, 6 Acres, Fort Spring District

Brian R. Sparks to Susan A. Tyler, 3 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Charles Feury and Wilma Feury to J & J Camp Worx, LLC, Lots 11 & 12, Block 9, White Sulphur City Addition, White Sulphur Municipality

Barry Lee Moegan and Zena S. Morgan to Steven Morgan, Tract 1 – 1.5 Acres and Tract 2 – 0.25 Acre, Irish Corner District

Rodney Lee Knapp and Carolyn Jo Knapp to Cynthia Mariah Huffman, 0.606 Acre, Alderson Municipal District

Annabelle Roy. Karen Tuisku, et al to Jamie Wayne Kellison and Kimberly Faith Kellison, 47 Acres, Frankford District

Long Farm, LLC to Charles M. Long, 1 Acre, Williamsburg District

Patricia Ann Gadd and Jackson Lee Gadd, et al to Matthew Lee Grant Kenney, Lots # 71, 72, 73, Clear Creek Addition, Town of Rupert, Meadow Bluff Dist.

Mahala Mae Feury, Patti Casto Morgan, et al to Robert D. Morgan III and Kelly L. Eagle, 0.25 Acre, White Sulphur District

Stanley Ray Duncan and Donna Sue Duncan to Chad A. Burdette and Bryanna S. Burdette, Lot #23, Dawson Hills Subdivision, Meadow Bluff District

Thomas Dvorak and Debra B. Dvorak to Neil D. Moorcroft and Jennifer S. Moorcroft, Tract 187 Acres, Tract 2 – 54 Acres, Frankford District

Connie L. Baker, Addison Morgan, et al to Kenneth W. Baker and Connie L. Baker, 1.803 Acres & 0.025 Acre, Irish Corner District

Jean King Johnson and Robert H. Johnson Family Irrevocable Living Trust to The Cleveland K. Benedict Family Limited Partnership. 32 Acres, Lewisburg Dist.

Teresa Ellen King to The Cleveland K. Benedict Family Limited Partnership, 32 Acres, Lewisburg District

Bruce Albright and Margaret S. Albright to Eugene Thompson and Donna Thompson, Property 1 – 19,765 Sq.Ft., Property 2 – 18,500 Sq.Ft., Property 3 – 2.2 Acres, White Sulphur District

Pearle V. Burger to Douglas T. Fox, Lot 16, Block 6, Huddleston Hills Addition, White Sulphur Municipality

Donna J. Truman and Harry S. Truman to June F. Ford, Lot 63, Town of Marfrance, Meadow Bluff District

Kenneth R. Anderson to Rodney Honaker and Lori Honaker, 0.215 Acre, White Sulphur District

Katherine F. Marshall and Jason K. Meadows to Kenneth Fleshman and Sheila Fleshman, 0.108 Acre, City of Lewisburg

Violet M. Cox to Kathryn R. Kensinger, Lot # 224, Alderson Land Co. Addition to N. Alderson, Town of Alderson

Joan Hammonds to Daniel L Hammonds and Carissa Hammonds, Lots # 5 & 6, Block 1, Seneca Estates Addition, Town of Lewisburg

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