Deeds 03-14-15

James Francis McKenzie to Thomas A. Vance and Cynthia Lee Vance, Tract B – 0.24 Acre, Tract F- 46.33 Acres, Tract G – 119.8 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Rosie M. Willard and Elijah Roberts to Bruce P. Scruggs, 1 Acre, Anthony Creek District

Myralyne H. Curry and Samuel Wayne Curry to Rose Ridge Realty, LLC, Parcel 1- 0.365 Acre, Parcel 2 – 4 Acres, Fort Spring District

Opal Smith and Roy Beall, Jr. to Stevie Hughes and Lawana Hughes, Parcel 1- Lots 14 & 15 of Clear Creek Addition, Parcel 2 – Lot 16, Town of Rupert

Edwin Ray Longanacre to James Merchant and Pamela Rose Merchant, 0.8 Acre, Town of Ronceverte

Stephanie G. Wooten to John D. Wooten, Jr., Parcel 1 – 41,465 Sq. Ft., Parcel 2 – 0.5 Acre, City of Lewisburg

Harry W. McCormack and Linda S. McCormack to Daniele R. Adams, 5.03 Acres, Fort Spring District

Harry W. McCormack and Linda S. McCormack to Kevin B. McCormack, 10.22 Acres, Fort Spring District

Wyldon Orndorff to Guy C. Wentz, Sr. and Guy C. Wentz, Jr., 0.46 Acre & 0.89 Acre, Meadow Bluff District

Errol D. Morgan, William C. Morgan, et al to Dwight Coburn and Justin Coburn, 12.583 Acres, Irish Corner District

Timothy B. Beale, Stephan A. Beale, et al to Rudolph W. Beale, Jr., 0.232 Acre, Fort Spring District

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