Deeds 01-31-15

Glen R. Diehl and Twyla B. Diehl to M. Roger Patterson and Melanie A. Patterson, Lot 1 – One Acre, Lot 2-3/4 Acre, Lewisburg District

Jack L. Hewitt and Margrethe Hewitt to Laramie A. Myers, 5.95 Acres, Blue Sulphur District

Jean King Johnson and Robert H. Johnson Family Irrevocable Living Trust to JKBRDB, LLC, Tract 1 – 85 Acres and Tract 2 – 146.52 Acres, Lewisburg District

Melissa Clay Miller to Jean King Johnson and Robert H. Johnson Family Irrevocable Trust, 12,753 Sq. Ft., Lewisburg District

Karen L. Hoylman to Charles Lambert, Jr., 13.149 Acres, Fort Spring District

Virginia Mae Keeney to Donald L. Martin and Ray N. Hamrick, Lot # 211 of Lilly Park Addition, Town of Rainelle

Arbutus L. Persinger to Patricia Ann Morgan, Lot #28 of Section #15 of Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Town of Rainelle

Annabelle Roy, Karen Tuisku, et al to Steven W. Carr and Dianna L. Carr, Lots # 2 & 3. Section # 9 of Levelton Land & Improvement Co., Rainelle Municipality

Marjory Ann Sevy to Robert Yunker and Vonda Yunker, 2.50 Acres, Meadow Bluff District

Grover S. Dixon, Jr. and Zelinda K. Dixon to Benjamin A. Dixon, Matthew S. Dixon and John J. Dixon, 1.75 Acres, Fort Spring District

Edwin R. Longanacre and Mauren L. Longanacre to Myralyn H. Curry, 0.365 Acre, City of Ronceverte

Chris A. Bishop and Veronica A. Bishop to Howard Rodgers McVey, llI, 0.1130 Acres, Fort Spring District

Gary Thomas and Tinya Danberry Thomas to Howard Rodgers McVey, III, 0.3626 Acre, Fort Spring District

Herb Hunter to Pat Goodale, 4.089 Acres, Fort Spring District

Herb Hunter to Michael A. Blum and Marcia Blum, 4.104 Acres, Fort Spring District

Anvil Rock,LLC to Michael A. Blum and Marcia Blum, 1.626 Acres, Fort Spring District


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