Dear Recycle Lady

Dear Recycle Lady,
Now that the WV Daily News/Valley Ranger is no longer publishing newspapers, I have two empty newspaper boxes. Can they be recycled?
Vacant Newspaper Box Owner
Dear Vacant Newspaper Box Owner,
Unfortunately, these newspaper boxes are made of a hard plastic that, locally, is not recyclable. However, the metal posts that support the newspaper delivery boxes can be recycled. Just take the posts to the Recycling Center during operation hours. Push the buzzer at the aluminum can door and speak to a worker about the posts. Someone will let you know where to put them.

Dear Recycle Lady,
My neighbor puts out a bag of glass for curbside pickup and it is picked up. When I put out a bag of glass for curbside pickup it is not picked up. This has happened to a couple other neighbors. Why is his bag of glass picked up and ours are not?
Want to Recycle Glass
Dear Want to Recycle Glass,
Your neighbor must have a paid subscription ($14 a month) with Greenworks, the company that does curbside pickup for Lewisburg Public Works customers. If you want to have your glass picked up and are a Lewisburg City resident, call Greenworks at 304-661-7793, or go to their website, They will be more than happy to help you set up a glass recycling service.

Dear Recycle Lady,
Last week you said that aerosol spray cans, such as hair spray cans and whipped cream cans, can be recycled with steel cans. However, you did not give any information as to whether or not the aerosol spray top that is attached to the can needs to be removed. I know the cap on top is not recyclable, but what about the aerosol spray nozzle that is part of the can.
Confused About Tops
Dear Confused About Tops,
You are correct when you say that the top of the can cannot be recycled. The aerosol spray nozzles that are attached to the cans do not need to be removed before recycling. Be sure to remove as much as possible of the contents of the cans before recycling.

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