Dear Recycle Lady

Dear Recycle Lady,

Can I recycle 5- or 10-poundflour bags?  Can anything be done with out-of-date flour?

Frequent Baker

Dear Frequent Baker,

Some flour bags can be recycled and some cannot. Because the bag is in direct contact with the flour, some bags are entirely made of unrecycled paper. These bags can be recycled with white paper. Other flour bags are made of recycled paper, but they have a plastic lining to protect the flour. These bags are not recyclable. Out-of-date flour can be composted by spreading it into the compost pile. Care must be taken not to create big layers of flour because it blocks the airflow to the compost. Flour that contains insects can be frozen to kill the insects, and then used for various arts and craft projects. However, bug-infested flour can be avoided by placing a Bayleaf in the bag or by storing it in an airtight clean tight jar.


Dear Recycle Lady,

Yesterday I saw a metal scooter in the trash pickup. Could that scooter have been recycled?

Toy Finder

Dear Toy Finder,

The metal scooter could indeed have been recycled. In fact, any child’s toy that is completely metal is recyclable. Metal items should be taken to the Recycle Center. Go to the area where aluminum cans are accepted and ring the bell. Someone will come to assist you. Plastic scooters and plastic toys, however, are not recyclable.


Dear Recycle Lady,

Can you recycle the plastic bags that the newspapers come in to keep them dry? Can they be recycled even if they are wet?

Newspaper Carrier

Dear Newspaper Carrier,

As long as they are clean and dry, the plastic bags that your newspapers sometimes come in can be recycled at both Kroger and Wal-Mart. Plastic newspaper bags, or for that matter plastic wraps or films, that are wet or dirty should not be recycled. When in doubt, throw it out. This avoids contamination of other bags, wraps and films.


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