Dear Recycle Lady

Dear Recycle Lady,

I have a couple of old knives that I can no longer use. Since they are made of metal, I was wondering if they can be recycled.

Love to Cook

Dear Love to Cook,

You are correct. Metal items can be recycled. So yes, your metal knives can be recycled. Take them to the Aluminum Door of the Recycle Center, ring the bell, and hand the knife to the employee who comes to assist you. Knives should never be concealed and put in the bins with other items as they become hazardous for our employees.


Dear Recycle Lady,

I have a plastic item that I think is a bottle, but my friend says it is not. Is there a way to determine if an item is a bottle?

Is It a Bottle?

Dear Is It a Bottle?

Yes, there is very simple test to determine if an item is a bottle. If the top of the item is smaller than the bottom of the item, then your item is a bottle.


Dear Recycle Lady,

In your July 11, 2020 column you told Candy Lover that her attractive steel candy boxes can be recycled with steel cans. Yes, that’s true, but these boxes can be reused. People buy and sell attractive metal candy boxes on eBay, Facebook, and other places. If someone doesn’t want to go through the trouble of selling their box, they can donate it to a thrift store or a nonprofit that sells items as a fundraiser. They can reuse a box by putting a gift in it or by storing small items in it. I use decorative candy boxes to store embroidery floss, postage stamps, stickers, and address labels.

Fellow Candy Lover

Dear Fellow Candy Lover,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I am sure readers will appreciate the diverse range of suggestions for uses of decorative metal candy boxes and will be happy to know that there are alternatives to recycling their boxes.


Dear Readers, good news. Adidas, a leader in using sustainable materials in their shoes, has committed to producing 15-20 million pairs of shoes using ocean plastic in 2020. Several other shoe manufacturers, including Converse, Nike, and Allbirds, also have lines of shoes made from recycled plastic


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