Davis Stuart receives Spiritual Life funding

Richard Byrd, interim Davis Stuart executive director; Stephanie Plybon, interim executive director; Matt Evans, Davis Stuart Spiritual Life director; Sharon Heidt, Davis Stuart board member and Missions Committee member First Presbyterian Church, Charleston; Alice Abernathy, Missions Committee-First Presbyterian Church, Charleston; Karen Scherr, Missions Committee-First Presbyterian Church, Charleston; and Ann Patterson, Missions Committee-First Presbyterian Church, Charleston.

In March, Davis Stuart was presented with a grant award from the Mission Division of First Presbyterian Church, Charleston.

Davis Stuart board member, Sharon Heidt, along with First Presbyterian Church members, Alice Abernathy, Ann Patterson, and Karen Scherr, visited Davis Stuart’s main campus in Lewisburg to present the award to Spiritual Life Director, Matt Evans. The Culinary Arts students at Davis Stuart provided lunch for the guests.

The grant reward of $5,000 will support the Spiritual Life Program. The program helps to ensure the teens are making positive strides within themselves, their families, and the communities to which they will return. Resident participation in the Spiritual Life Program is not mandatory; still, Davis Stuart sees a high percentage of their young people – 70-80 percent – participate in the program.

All of the programs at Davis Stuart are designed to provide opportunities for peer interaction, personal growth, and the fulfillment of educational needs within an enhanced learning environment. The Spiritual Life Program is an expansion on this way of life by not stopping with the needs of the mind and body, but including the spiritual needs of the children who call Davis Stuart home. Davis Stuart’s goal with the Spiritual Life Program is not only to equip the residents with the life and coping skills necessary to be productive citizens, but to also influence the family unit and the communities to which the residents return. Davis Stuart does not receive funding through West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) for this program. Therefore, they must rely solely on the benevolence of donors to keep the Spiritual Life Program thriving.

Davis Stuart operates as a private, nonprofit organization with the main campus located in Lewisburg and four group homes in Beckley, Bluefield, Maxwelton and Princeton. Davis Stuart serves all of West Virginia. For more information, visit www.davis-stuart.org or call the main office at 304-647-5577.