Davis Stuart receives grant for dining facility

Davis Stuart was the recipient of a grant award from the Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation to assist with the construction of a centralized dining facility at the agency’s main campus in Lewisburg.

The award was a grant of $225,000 dispersed over a three year period starting in July of 2017. Staff and assigned residents from each of the cottages, as part of Davis Stuart’s Employment Preparation Program, will work in the kitchen to prepare and serve meals, along with appropriately trained food service personnel. Family-style dining and proper table etiquette will be applied during mealtimes, as well.

Davis Stuart estimates that in a year’s time, 178 youth will call Davis Stuart home. Many of the youth served have limited access to adequate food and nutrition due to cost, access and other resources. Because of these factors, many families have cycles of food deprivation and overindulgence. Families that restrict or skip meals due to lack of funds can actually contribute to an increased risk for obesity.

By ensuring that a well-balanced meal is being planned and prepared, and by lowering the amount of sweets and processed foods being eaten, combined with the therapeutic recreation program, Davis Stuart will assist the residents in need of lowering their current weight in a successful weight loss program. For those who are within their target weight range, by eliminating excess sweets and contributing to a well-balanced diet with exercise opportunities, Davis Stuart will be emphasizing the importance of good eating habits and the need for physical activity.

The investment made by the Hugh I. Shott, Jr. Foundation will assist Davis Stuart in reversing generational attitudes toward healthy eating and make a significant impact in the health of these teens, and the communities to which they will return, thus, making West Virginia healthier for the next generation.

If you would like to contribute toward the construction of Davis Stuart’s centralized dining facility, please call their main office at 304-647-5577.

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