Davis Stuart receives $30,000 grant


Davis Stuart was recently the recipient of a grant award from the Hamilton Family Foundation. The award was a grant of $30,000 designated toward Davis Stuart’s Employment Preparation Program.

Through the Employment Preparation Program, residents are taught responsibility and the importance of developing their skills, maintaining honesty, following directives, and money management. Residents are paid an hourly wage by Davis Stuart for the work performed. Jobs include painting, cleaning, grounds maintenance, carpentry, oversight of the greenhouse project, distribution of goods from centralized purchasing to the cottages, etc. When appropriate, Davis Stuart seeks out opportunities within the teen’s area of interest to include specialized vocational training or trade certification. Upon receipt of their paycheck, the resident deposits a percentage of it into a savings account opened in their name. By this avenue, a resident can save for special purchases they want to make. Upon leaving Davis Stuart, the remaining balance of their savings is withdrawn and a check of the amount is made payable to the resident. For many, this is the first time the teen has had the opportunity to develop vocational skills and experience the pride of a well-earned paycheck.

The investment made by the Hamilton Family Foundation will assist Davis Stuart in reversing generational attitudes toward work ethic thus making a positive impact in their lives and the communities to which they will return.

If you would like to contribute toward the Employment Preparation Program, contact Davis Stuart’s main offices 304-647-5577, ext. 323 or visit their website www.davis-stuart.org.