Contingency plan to keep tower open approved by Airport Authority

The federal government’s shutdown this week threatens to close the air traffic control tower at the Greenbrier Va1leyAirport (GVA). In order to keep it open, the airport has authorized a contingency plan.

“The tower,” GVA manager Jerry O’Sullivan told the press, “is the number one safety factor at this airport.”

O’Sullivan met with members of the Greenbrier Valley Airport Authority (GVAA) on Sept. 27 seeking approval of a contingency contract with Air Midwest, the company that runs the GVA tower. The contract would allow the airport to pay Air Midwest for its services to keep the tower open.

The money for that contract would likely come from the Greenbrier County Commission and the WV Aeronautics Commission, according to O’Sullivan. Back in April, the County Commission had pledged to support the tower when the federal government’s sequester threatened to close the tower along with 189 other airport towers across the country. Air Midwest’s bid on the contract came to $25,474 per month. The Airport Authority approved the contingency contract for 90 days. O’Sullivan says should the need arise, the contract can be extended.