Constitution Party fields statewide candidates

Phil Hudok is the Constitution Party of West Virginia candidate for Governor having collected more than the minimum 6,645 petitions. Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley are the 2016 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates with over 6,706 petitions garnered.
Voters will now have five choices for Governor in November. With Phil Hudok on the ballot, the people have a proven champion of Christian principles with a message of no compromise on Constitutional – Rule of Law issues. At a time when the family and Christians are under brutal attack, we cannot afford to abandon the original intent and Christian heritage of America. Failed government programs are repeatedly presented as the answer to our dilemma. However, the nine most dangerous words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
Phil Hudok has been successful in several State Supreme Court cases involving issues of failed government. He refuses to accept and continues to expose the deceptive and unconstitutional yoking of Churches and corporate government. He has and continues to set precedent in fighting the burgeoning police state.
It is time to reign in government and return to a culture under Godly principles, the principles that built a mighty nation. People are encouraged to become more informed. Hudok’s campaign website is andFacebook page “Phillip Hudok.” The website for Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley is

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