Confederation conservation: poll gauges public feelings on monuments

A poll hosted by the Mountain Messenger regarding Confederate monuments has concluded after being open for nearly two weeks. The Mountain Messenger asked subscribers what they thought of a Confederate statue that’s been located downtown since 1906.

75 percent voted that Confederate monuments should remain as an integral part of history, 18 percent felt that they the monuments should be removed as they commemorate a pro-slavery rebellion movement, and seven percent voted that they feel indifferent or they think people are looking into this issue too much.

Given Lewisburg’s history throughout the Civil War, the statue of a Confederate soldier on display next to the old library is a tribute to local lives lost. Inscribed with the phrase, “In memory of our Confederate dead,” it was erected and dedicated at a time when many Civil War veterans were alive to witness the dedication to their fallen comrades.

A total of 61 participants expressed their opinions on the subject, some of which can be seen in our Op-Ed section each week.

The Mountain Messenger thanks all who participated in the poll.

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