Community spirit takes on tragedy

By David Esteppe

After a horrific accident left a young mother in desperate need for financial assistance with medical bills and basic life expenses the community has responded with acts of generosity.

Kayla Dunbar was severely burned over 80 percent of her body the day after Christmas. In the immediate aftermath, Dunbar was raced to the burn unit at Cabell Huntington Hospital and put into a medically induced coma as well as a paralytic state.

Local business woman and humanitarian Martha Hilton immediately started planning a fundraiser for her friend. “Kayla has had a terrible accident and now needs major financial help. I have family at The Seasons and our family has gotten to know Kayla as a wonderful and generous spirit. We care as much about her as she does for the people she helps by working at The Seasons,” Hilton said.

The Seasons is an assisted living home in Lewisburg where Dunbar is employed as the evening chef, according to Hilton.

Hilton has been selling Tupperware for many years, and she explains that anyone selling Tupperware long enough accumulates quite a bit of extra product over the years. Her attic was full of new, unused Tupperware treasure. Hilton began designing a fundraiser around this surplus of Tupperware. She plans to use it as prizes at a giant Tupperware party/ fundraising bingo game. All of the proceeds of this Tupperware event will go towards Dunbar’s needs.

Hilton says, “Let’s get the party started, and here is how it is going to work: The bingo party will be held at Rhema Christian Center on Feb. 7 at 2 p.m. Those wanting to come to the party need to bring $175 in sales for each bingo card that they want to play. You can also get a card that day if you book a party yourself for later in the year, or you can buy a card for $15.”

If you cannot come to the party but still want to participate in this fundraiser, you may go to and click on the Find A Fundraiser icon, choose West Virginia, then choose the Kayla Dunbar Benefit.

The Seasons is providing refreshments and goodies at the bingo event. Hilton is also going to provide goodies for those who shop online and cannot make it to the event in person.

Remember, all proceeds of the sales of Tupperware around this event are going to go to Kayla Dunbar, Hilton repeats.

There is also an ongoing fundraiser on the internet plattorm Gofundme. As of press time, the For Kayla Dunbar and Family page has received $2,350 from 52 people in 25 days.

Updates on the Gofundme page state that Dunbar is undergoing many difficult surgeries, and has been conscious and able to shake her head to respond. The mother of a four year old, Dunbar is apparently putting up the good fight and has a long way to go, according to family members providing informational updates to Gofundme. “Any prayers, donations or moral support is greatly appreciated by the family,” the page administrator posts. Tammy Brooks Dunbar recently posted, ‘`Doctors are optimistic about Kayla’s recovery. This is the first sign of hope they have given. All of her vitals are holding stable. We are reminded daily that there is a long road to recovery. We thank each and every person for their prayers, support and concern.”

To follow family updates about Dunbar’s condition, and to donate financial assistance or moral support, visit


Kayla Dunbar and her four year old son in a Christmas photo on the Gofundme page for the for Kayla Dunbar and Family fundraiser.
Kayla Dunbar and her four year old son in a Christmas photo on the Gofundme page for the for Kayla Dunbar and Family fundraiser.

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