Commission begins work on fiscal year 2016-17 budget

200px-Map_of_West_Virginia_highlighting_Greenbrier_County.svgBy Peggy Mackenzie

The Greenbrier County Commissioners heard budget presentations Tuesday from county elected officials, department heads and other courthouse entities for the upcoming 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Commission President Michael McClung made it clear that the final budgets may not end up as presented. Commissioner Lowell Rose concurred, stating, “The income side is down.” He advised all departments to be prepared for a small cutback, as revenue projections for the coming year don’t appear to be good. Several of the budgets presented were the same as the previous year, for which the commissioners expressed appreciation. McClung said he expected the commission would have a final budget by the end of March.

In other business:

• Commissioner Woody Hanna said the annual funding request for the Mountain Transit Authority (MTA) is half as much as last year’s funding. He said a two-year trial to increase service in the western end of the county did not prove to be successful; averaging two to three riders per day. “The ridership was not there,” he said. “It’s unfortunate for those few riders, but there’s just only so much you can justify.” The commission unanimously approved the $4,000 funding request.

• The commission approved the signing of a Community Corrections grant application of $294,000 to fund the Day Report Center in the coming fiscal year.


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