Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department launches ‘Firefighters Safety’ Project


Plum Creek Foundation grant helps purchase new portable radios for fire department staff

The Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department recently launched the “Firefighters Safety” project to equip members of the fire department with new portable radios, a piece of technology that the department needs to ensure the safety of its members during structure fires, car accidents, or other emergencies. Thanks to the help of a $5,000 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation, the department is one step closer to completing this important project.

The current radios for the department are more than 15+ years old. According to Mark Kelley Jr., Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department firefighter, the parts and repair needed for the existing radios are very limited and expensive to repair. In addition, the new radios will allow the firefighters to transmit and receive traffic to the 911 center, and to other firefighters more efficiently, which could save critical time in an emergency situation.

“The Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department desperately needs new radios to ensure that our traffic to and from the 911 center, and firefighters will be heard as we work to assist Clintonville and surrounding communities during emergency situations,” said Kelley. “Our 21 volunteer firefighters put themselves at risk to help the community during fire and rescue emergencies. Thanks to the help of the Plum Creek Foundation, we can purchase new radios to help ensure their jobs are done safely and efficiently.”

The $7,000 project will provide 22 new portable radios for the department, and includes programming. The $5,000 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation allowed the department to purchase 16 new portable radios. The new radios were recently distributed to the volunteer firefighters.

The department is still in need of $2,000 to purchase and program the remaining radios needed. To donate to the “Firefighters Safety” project, stop in or mail a check to: Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department, 18966 Midland Trail West, Crawley, WV 29431.

The Clintonville Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and rescue services for the Clintonville area and assists neighboring fire department, including Greenbrier and surrounding counties in West Virginia. For more information, visit

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