City Hall out of control

Dear Editor:

I grew up in Lewisburg when Lewisburg was truly a cool town to live in. That was a long time ago, not quite during the age of Dinosaurs, but pretty close. The ‘50s to be exact. What a great era that was. I hate to see what has happened to Lewisburg over the years since then. It really is sad, and I can’t agree with it being cool anymore.

Let me describe to you what I see there now. A City Hall that in my opinion, is completely out of control and out of touch with its citizens. The Mayor’s office used to keep their noses out of everyone’s business. That has taken a severe turn for the worse as of late.

This past summer the Mayor and City Council have decided to encroach on the citizens that live OUTSIDE of the city limits, by charging a fire fee, (TAX).

Now, along comes this idea to add an amendment to the existing federal discrimination laws. Now the Mayor and Council want to tell the people that own rental units in Lewisburg that the LBGT community WILL be catered to regardless of what religious or moral beliefs you may have, or else. I’ll tell you what the OR ELSE means. In New York City, landlords are being fined $125,000 if it can be proven that they have discriminated against the LBGT community. New York City is where this idea got started. For some reason, the so called leaders of Lewisburg have decided to follow New York City’s regulations. Maybe whomever keeps coming up with these examples of insanity, needs to move to New York. Leave this little obscure town in West Virgina alone. This place never had a problem before, and I really think the citizens of Lewisburg are perfectly capable of making their own decisions. I don’t know for sure who brought this idea to Lewisburg. If it’s coming from someone who has moved here, how about leaving that garbage in the town you moved here from. Remember that’s probably why you came here to begin with, to get away from that garbage. Quit being stupid.

I know lots of gay people, and are friends with them, and in fact have relatives that are gay. That is strictly their business. Their life, their right to live any way they want. I didn’t realize that the gays in this area were having any trouble with finding a place to live. I honestly have never heard any gay people complaining about this. It is my opinion that this is just another power and money grab by City Hall in Lewisburg. Another absurd way of getting more money for that out of control City Hall. And an attention getter. You made it on 59 News, huh? How great, woo.

People on Social Security, the disabled veterans, the veterans that have earned their military retirements are NOT getting a cost of living raise this year. But wait a minute, Lewisburg City Hall is voting themselves an incentive raise! An incentive to see who can come up with the most absurd money grabbing ideas maybe?

That’s right, I said Lewisburg City Hall is out of control. Sticking their noses in everyone’s business. Another example for you, I read a short statement by Wayne Pennington, the Fire Chief of Lewisburg says that the rental units in town probably don’t have fire walls and sprinkler systems installed. What’s next, is City Hall gonna fine everyone for that? Do you people at City Hall have a clue what that would cost? What else are you going to do to drive people and businesses out of this area? You have been doing a bang up job so far!

By the time this letter comes out in the paper, the meeting over the LBGT community and rental discrimination and the rest room compliance issues will have come and gone, probably. To begin with, I’m sure that there are lots of good landlords in this area that have common sense and have absolutely no problem renting to the LBGT community. I’m also sure that the good citizens around here DO NOT need to be threatened and forced to do the right thing. They own the properties and are adult enough to handle it one way or the other. It’s still supposed to be a free country. No one needs to be ramrodded over. My God, the land of the offended! It never stops.

I honestly think that it’s past time to clean house at Lewisburg’s City Hall. Need to get some people in there that know how to live within their budget and quit nosing in everyone’s personal business! Mayor and City Council need to clear out.

Very Sincerely,

James G. Livesay


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