Charlotte Pritt represents Mountain Party in governor’s race

charlotte-prittWeeks after the Primary Election the Mountain Party drafted Charlotte Pritt as their candidate for Governor. The daughter of a retired coal miner, Charlotte worked her way through Marshall University in Huntington to earn both undergraduate and Master’s degrees in English. She is an educator and has taught all levels from grade school through college. Her experiences with children in school having learning issues related to hunger led her to politics.
In 1984, she was elected to the first of two terms in the House of Delegates and was appointed to the powerful finance committee her freshman year. One term in the state Senate followed from 1988-1992.
Her tenure in the legislature earned her the reputation as a defender of the people. She was named Outstanding Legislator of the Year for her diligence on issues that helped consumers, small businesses, the environment, women and children.
Charlotte’s loyalty to the people of West Virginia inspired citizens from various parts of the state to draft her to run in the Democratic primary in 1992. Following an intense ten week campaign that drew national attention, Charlotte came within a few percentage points of defeating the incumbent governor.
In 1996, Charlotte won the Democratic primary defeating US Senator Joe Manchin and making West Virginia history by becoming the first female in the state to be elected to represent one of the major parties.
Charlotte’s believes that all state contracts should go to contractors within the state and that they must hire West Virginia workers. She knows that there is waste in our state budget and will pursue a stringent audit of the state. She wants to give displaced coal miners jobs and skills building solar farms on abandoned mountaintop removal sites. She is opposed to eminent domain and any new pipelines, supports a ban on hydro-fracking and mountaintop removal. She supports decriminalization and legalization of cannabis (medical, industrial and recreational – like Colorado). She supports hemp farming and manufacturing hemp products here in WV. She supports small family farms and wants to see organic, local foods in our schools, state facilities and local stores. She supports the “middle mile” fiber optic concept as a way to open competition and provide good internet access to everyone. She wants our kids to be able to stay in West Virginia.
Charlotte has more legislative experience than all the other candidates combined. She has always been honest, compassionate and consistent in her positions, diligent in her work and gets no corporate money.
“My vision for resurrecting West Virginia is based on a sustainable economy that provides equity for all people and is ecologically sound. A sustainable economy must provide lasting security for generations to come. This economy must include all West Virginians and treat each of us as part of one extended family. A truly integrated economy honors and preserves the gifts that our precious home provides – clean water, verdant forests, clean air and beautiful mountains.” —Charlotte Pritt
She has a detailed plan at


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