Cessnas on Parade at Greenbrier Valley Airport


Citation Jet Pilot owners have thronged the Greenbrier Valley Airport with Cessnas to attend the 6th annual Citation Jet Pilot Convention taking place at The Greenbrier from Sept. 17 to 20. They flew in from all over the US and Canada. The Greenbrier Valley Airport is inundated with over 100 Cessna Citation Mustangs on view from the airport lounge.

The speed, range and performance of the Citation Mustang, an American-made jet plane, delivers the efficiency of lighter aircraft and is easy to fly, according to executive administrator Cheryl Hardy. The convention at The Greenbrier will include a number of seminars for the visiting members including safety, human resources, jet types as well as training sessions for the wives of Citation pilots teaching them how to respond to emergency situations.

On hand for the event are executive director John Huggins, the highest timed U2 pilot in the world and Mark Alloe, president of CJP. There are 942 pilot members in the CJP and approximately 400 are attending the convention.