Carrot Club hosting Potato Day with Science at Alderson Community Market

This week at the Alderson Community Market the Carrot Club is hosting “Potato Day” with Science at the Market. Bring the kids, and learn some interesting Science.
Next Week is Pumpkin Painting Day. Pumpkins will be on hand, or you can let the kids (or yourself) bring a special pumpkin to paint. Of course, we will have fresh coffee, and “goodies” going on.
Oct. 12 is Autumn Festival. Demonstrations (apple cider, etc.), food and more. Do you or someone you know enjoy doing things “the old way?” We would love to have you come and demonstrate your knowledge at the Autumn Fest. Going to TOOT? That is alright as you will have plenty of time to visit the Autumn Fest, then the Open House at Wolf Creek Gallery, and then on to TOOT! Make it a family community day! See you there!
Remember: The Alderson Green Grocer Co-op and Farmers Market now accept EBT and Credit Cards.

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