Business as usual at commission meeting

200px-Map_of_West_Virginia_highlighting_Greenbrier_County.svgBy Peggy Mackenzie

The Greenbrier County Commission briskly processed a lengthy agenda Tuesday evening, beginning with signing a proclamation approving April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month and scheduling the Children’s Memorial Flag Day event in front of the county courthouse at noon on Apr. 29, the last Friday in the month.

In other business:

• Day Report Center Director Laura Legg and Home Confinement Officer Tanya Hoover presented the commission with a request to sign and approve a treatment supervision grant contract for $80,000 to cover two new positions at the center. Amy Nanny and Casey Butler were approved to start employment as of April 1.

• The petition to replace the personal representative on the estate of Nelson G. Clendenen, which drew several family members to the meeting, was tabled. Attorney Alyson Dotson, representing the estate of Clendenen, stated it has been four years since Clendenen’s passing. She requested a family mernber serve to replace Cleo Clendenen as personal representative on the estate. Commissioner Woody Hanna suggested tabling the item until county fiduciary supervisor Joni Harrah can be consulted.

• The owner of R&D Towing in White Sulphur Springs urged the cornmission to address the towing policies of the 911 Center, stating overcharging and unauthorized towers are putting the county at risk for a lawsuit. He asked for additional safety insurance measures be a requirement to protect county citizens. 911 Center Director Al Whitaker said the PSC oversees the liability policies for the county. “There’s nothing to preclude the county from adding more requirements,” said Commission President Mike McClung. With the recoinmendations of their legal adviser, the commission agreed to review the towing policies.

• The Williamsburg area is currently without a designated emergency medical service agency, Whitaker reported. The 911 advisory board met with all the EMS agencies in the county, he said, without reaching a resolution. Whitaker said revisions to the EMS boundaries will need to be remapped. The item was tabled for further inforination.

• Grant consultant for the county Doug Hylton requested authorization to study the historic property boundaries once belonging to Tristan Patton, an American Revolution bodyguard to Gen. George Washington. Patton was awarded the land in Organ Cave for his services. Hylton said the study will be overseen by the Greenbrier County Historic Landmarks Commission Survey Project, which plans to overlay the Patton property with the current land owners’ boundaries for the record.

• A grant application to upgrade courthouse security and a grant renewal for the Drug Task Force were signed.

• The commissioners also approved a list of poll workers submitted by the election officials for both the Republican and Democratic parties for the upcoming primary election in May.


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