Burglaries in Alderson

Alderson, a small community in Greenbrier County, is left wondering who could be responsible for the string of burglaries in the last few weeks.

Chief of Police Jeremy Bennett said burglaries have happened in this town before, but these are different.

“It’s very unique for this area because when we do have a burglary it’s at night or when people know you’re on vacation. These have been very brave in the fact that they have been all during the day or early evening.”

Chief Bennett said only a few things have been taken at each house. Leading him to believe there’s a particular motive behind these break-ins.

“The fact that there’s narcotics being taken and change, it someone who’s desperate, they’re looking for a quick buck and quick high.”

At one home, the woman who lives here was outside raking leaves, when somebody entered her home and stole jewelry. Yet Chief Bennett said the woman and neighbors claim they didn’t see anything.

“She noticed her door was in a funny position, her locks were in a different position then what she left them, and her door was open and she was pretty sure she remembered to lock it when she went outside to rake her leaves. Upon looking around her home that’s when she realized she was missing some rings and change.”

Police said because the break-ins have happened in the daytime or early evening they believe there are multiple people involved, and Bennett does believe the thieves live close to the houses they are stealing from.


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