A bump in the road

Courtney Hudnall, head coach of Greenbrier East’s Women’s soccer team, has added a wrinkle to this season. She is expecting a baby at the end September, half way into regular season play. Until the second week of August, she was running the season by herself, in the third trimester of her pregnancy.
Being without an assistant, Hudnall was hoping that she could coach on maternity leave, but she found out that was against policy. “I have to be in school in order to coach, so luckily I have found an assistant to take my place when the baby is born.” Hudnall’s new assistant is a teacher at East, Courtney Jesser.
Baby Hudnall is a girl. The expecting husband and father is Zackary Hudnall. “He’s excited. I’m excited. The pregnancy has gone well, compared to the norm. I haven’t been sick and I’ve been feeling great and staying active. I’m out here every day with my team in the heat, and am feeling fine. The baby is kicking all the time. Hopefully she’s a future soccer star in the making.”
“As of now, we’re not stressing about what happens in the middle of the season when the baby arrives. I will be coaching up until I can’t, and from there Jesser will take over.”
“We’re praying everything goes smoothly. Having a child is a blessing. We are excited to be parents and can’t wait to meet her and raise her to be a Greenbrier East athlete, with hopes that she likes soccer, since she’s being born right in the middle of it and born into the game.

Courtney Hudnall

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