Boy Scouts to build walking trail at Montwell Park

The Boy Scouts of America have selected Montwell Park as one of the locations for the Scouts to volunteer during their National Jamboree in July. The focus of their efforts in Lewisburg is the building of the community walking trail in Montwell Park.

The National Jamboree occurs every four years, during which each scout is required to participate in a day of community service. This year, 40,000 scouts will be assisting in projects in every county of West Virginia.

The scouts will be at Montwell Park on July 20, 21, 24, 25 and 26. Each day a new troop of 40 Scouts will come in to do their day of service. A total of five different troops will come over the allotted days. Adult Boy Scout leaders are coming with each troop to supervise and help with the project.

During their time at Montwell Park, each troop of 40 Scouts will be divided into four teams of 10 members. The teams will then be given a section of the walking trail to help build. Overall, all the Boy Scout troops will construct approximately 1,100 feet of walking trail throughout park. The scouts will be excavating the paths, installing timbers along the perimeters, and spreading crushed limestone between the timbers. Leading the walking trail project is Cliff Baker, who has been the Scoutmaster of Lewisburg Boy Scout Troop 70 for over 30 years.

The new Montwell Park walking trail, located in the center of downtown Lewisburg, is designed to encourage health and recreation for all community members and visitors.

For more information about the walking trail, or Montwell Park, visit facebook/MontwellPark or call 304-992-2555.

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