Bowe opens new Barnwood Living Showroom



The Barnwood Living showroom now open on Main Street in White Sulphur Springs

It followed pretty much naturally, that when Barnwood Builders became a hit TV reality show, fawning fans would come calling.

That’s an obvious consequence of being famous, and though flattering, Mark Bowe and the rest of the Barnwood crew, are a sophisticated bunch and are kind enough to handle the attention with grace. Much of the success of the show is the obviously genuine friendship the guys have for each other. And so, as the show’s success continues, the fan base grows. Sometimes admiring strangers have even shown up at Bowe’s home.

The show has also generated a respect for hand-made, one-of-a-kind items, and the value in salvaging something old and used as a way to preserve rural culture and history. Embracing the barnwood lifestyle, Bowe has just opened a showroom in White Sulphur Springs for fans and admirers to come visit. Even if you don’t have a barn, you can have a piece of one at Barnwood Living. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the location on Main Street was chosen to be a supportive mainstay for the community.

It’s a place to hang out and is sometimes a gathering place for the whole Barnwood crew. As indicated by the pool table in the corner, this is a fun-loving group that come together as family.

“The guys love giving things new life,” said Katherine Shelton, Bowe’s longtime assistant and showroom consultant. “It’s exciting to have a place to share what we do.”

The large open space is scattered with several home décor pieces made by members of the crew, including chairs, tables and rustic lighting, as well as other unique household items made by local artisans using reclaimed materials. The hand-held tools, hanging on the walls around the room, recall another age when tools were lovingly handed down to the next generation.

There are T-shirts, hats and other clothing items, too, complete with the Barnwood logo, for the fans to take home and wear proudly. Several barnwood pieces are also on display for those interested in getting a feel for the rough-hewn and aged wood, and who may be considering a reclaimed wood project of their own.

The Barnwood Living showroom will hold its official grand opening for is scheduled for Saturday, May 27, Shelton said, and the entire crew will be on hand to meet and greet visitors with plenty of photo ops for fans. The opening is timed to coincide with White Sulphur Springs’ annual Dandilion Festival.

Barnwood Living showroom is now open Tuesdays-Fridays 10-5pm. For more information, you can reach Shelton at 888-941-9553 or at A catalog of many of the hand-made items are also available at their website at