Bond counsel selected for new maintenance building project in WSS

By Peggy Mackenzie

During Monday’s White Sulphur City Council meeting, Mayor Lloyd Haynes asked for a motion to consider approving the appointment of a bond counsel to handle the financials for the maintenance building project. Two names were offered, Sami Gee and Jackson Kelly. The council voted 5-1 for Gee, with council member Parker opposing the vote.

Prior to the vote, WSS resident Richard Leech expressed his concerns for the expense of the construction of the new maintenance building under consideration by the city council. The cost, he said, “is out of sight! The people in this town don’t have that kind of money.” He went on to exclaim he believed this to be a fatal error to commit to such “an absurd” expense, particularly with the availability of less costly structures in town, which, he believed would suit the purpose.

The mayor and council were non-committal except to say the process of finalizing the plan for the $1.7 million maintenance building has many steps, and at any point the project could terminate. Leech and others in the audience expressed frustration with what they described as the opacity of council procedures.

In other business:

• Council member Bruce Bowling stated a meeting was recently held on the upcoming Dandelion Festival, which was attended by 20 people. He said he was very encouraged to see so many youthful faces there with fresh ideas for the festival. Additionally, he said the Main Street/Revitalization Committee will begin the spring season with a new event called Music in the Park to be held every other Sunday starting in June at Old Mill Park.

Bowling also mentioned sign ups are available at $25 for a garden plot for individuals interested in the community garden site. The next meeting of the Main Street/Revitalization committee will be on Apr. 7, at 50 East.

• Council approved the fiscal year 2015/2016 budget which included a revision amendment.


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