Bluebells learn about food cravings, introduce new officers


Bluebell Garden Club: Paula Blankenship (left), Cecelia Rohan, Arlen Myers, Sue DuCharme, Edie Sisung, Carol Groves and Becky Edwards. (Not pictured: Laurel Doherty)

At the March gathering held at the home of Brenda and Linda Spencer, Bluebell Garden Club welcomed Shannon Murphy and her interesting presentation on  “Cravings.”

In this, it was noted that cravings often represent something we are missing, driven by bacterial, nutritional and/or emotional needs. Suggestions for controlling cravings included eliminating liquid calories and artificial sweeteners, snacking on seeds or nuts, having a high quality protein breakfast and eating a balanced meal.

Members were treated to a sample of bitters that optimize liver health and provide other benefits. Murphy is a degreed, informational speaker with a great deal more information to share.

Following the presentation, the new roster of the 2017 leadership was introduced and transition was made by means of a small ceremony. Bluebells welcomed new President Arlen Myers, Vice President Edith Sisung, Treasurer Paula Blankenship and Secretary Becky Edwards. Outgoing President Sue DuCharme received a gift certificate of appreciation for her four presidential terms from new President Myers.

Several guests and potential members joined the Bluebells at the event, which featured lavender lemonade, lavender cookies and cake, and homemade lavender ice cream.


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