Blessing Boxes – ‘take what you need; leave what you can’

Lewisburg Girl Scouts Emmie McMillion and Madison Jackson have set up two bright red “Blessing Boxes” in Lewisburg as their project thus earning their Girl Scout Bronze Awards.

Blessing Boxes are a concept similar to the Little Libraries – you take what you need and leave what you can, only with food inside instead of books. The boxes are filled with non-perishable food. The girls do not view the Blessing Boxes as a first-line solution to the problem of hunger, but as a way for people to personally practice giving. The Blessing Box doesn’t take the place of a food pantry, but it’s to help families with a tight spot situation until payday or until they have better resources. One box is located in the parking area by the green space in the center of town and the other at the Lee Street entrance to Lewisburg United Methodist Church.

The girls filled the boxes with items purchased from their cookie sale profits. The idea is for the community to continue to fill as they can and for those in a “tight spot” for food to take what they need to get by until the next payday or end of the month. Please consider dropping by non-perishable foods when you are out grocery shopping and helping those in need in our community.

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