by Brenda Boykin



Howdy! I would like to introduce myself.

I am originally from North Carolina where I lived in and around the east coast and the piedmont areas. I did not live in the mountains, though I did the tourist thing on several occasions. My daughter moved to West Virginia and I followed her about 15 years ago. When I first came to visit, the beauty of the state was overwhelming and I instantly fell in love. Not only did I find the state to be wonderful, I found the people here are just as comforting to the soul as the sights are to the eyes. I felt at home immediately. In fact, I never went back to North Carolina.

My son was three when we moved here. As is said, it takes a village to raise a child. I am thankful for the good teachers that have been in his life as well as all the friends and neighbors. He will be off to WVU this fall. I am convinced he would not have turned out so well had I raised him anywhere else.

I am southern country all the way. I couldn’t lie about that if I tried. I started working straight from high school and never did make it to college. My son is trying to set the bar higher as he says after living with me. There is more than one way to encourage a kid to get a higher education.

I write about whatever happens to cross my mind and sometimes add a little flair to it. I find humor in life and enjoy pointing it out. I am my best subject because I don’t know of anyone that can be as naïve and stupid as I can be, when all the while thinking I am being smart, unless it is my daughter. I might as well laugh at myself since others are. Don’t worry, folks. My daughter is well grown, in years at least, and my son is grown according to the law so I don’t have to worry about child abuse charges.  I am going to try to enjoy my new found freedom of speech and if my kids want to complain, I will take the phone off the hook.

I hope you enjoy my column. Whether you do or not, be sure to tell your friends and family so they will read it at least once before it goes to the dogs as training paper, in the bird cage, or whatever use you find for it. Here’s a thought. It could be used to point out the improper use of the English language. There is more than one way to encourage kids not to make fools of themselves.


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