Bits of News from the BIRDHOUSE


It’s so hard to believe that Summer will soon be over. Hope everyone’s having good luck with their canning season, the rain was hard on some gardens and a blessing to others. Personally, I am totally done with my canning and getting ready to turn the garden under.
Not real sure about this cold weather in August. I’ve actually been chilled today and wore a jacket while I was out and about on the hill in my little golf cart. Took Teaberry Hound for a ride and I’m planning his birthday party. Now some people make fun because I celebrate my Basset Hound’s birthday but he’s part of the family and my baby boy, plus he’s loved by everyone who knows him and everyone enjoys a reason for a birthday cake and wiener roast.
This week it gives me great pleasure to share the story of a very talented young lady who is a local gal as well. Kristy Hammit Brown. Kristy is a writer. A very good one at that. She’s a homemaker, mother and full time blogger and writer. Recently, she has made a dream come true by finishing her first book which is available online.
When I asked Kristy how she got interested in writing and what inspired her she said “I have written since I was a child, the things around me that brought me pleasure I would write about. Poems happen to be where I started. Through the years I have done different things to learn more, and one of them was a book in the 8th grade that was given to the children’s museum in Virginia. From then on I loved to write, from fantasy to real life.”
She continued, “When I picked up my first Cheyenne McCray book I knew what kind of books I wanted to write. Paranormal Romance was my calling. Over the last three years I have written two novels and sent them to many different publishing companies.”
It’s always such a blessing when we hear of folks reaching a goal they set for themselves or accomplished a dream and continue to work hard toward that dream.
You can find her on facebook, K.R.Brown. I encourage everyone to contact her and support her.
With the state fair going on everyone is no doubt enjoying concerts and rides and fair food. I remind everyone to be safe and be aware of the people around you. It’s a dangerous world we live in this day and age. Down right scary if you ask me. I’m sure finding I prefer to be home than anywhere else.
I hope to be back on a more regular basis. I’ve been having the dangest computer issues so had to go through and just change everything and start over. Now anyone that knows me know I am not real technical so this has been a pain to say the least. Larry laughs at me but never doubts me when I tell him that I don’t do something well. He didn’t believe I had no sense of direction until he asked me to drive him somewhere and I hadn’t a clue how to get him there – sad thing was, it was a place he’d taken me to dozen of times. I told him “Hey, things don’t look the same from the passenger side of the car!”
Oh the stories I could I tell and I just might this winter.
I want to thank the people who send me the sweetest letters, there’s a lady in Lewisburg that sent the kindest and the sad thing is she mailed it way back in June and I just did get it. Seems there was a mix up and by the time it made the rounds needless to say that old saying “Better late then never” runs true when it comes to mail. She has some flowers to share and I hope I didn’t miss out on them but if I did maybe her generosity will hold out for next year.
The kindest people in the world I believe are the readers of the Mountain Messenger. Thank you and God bless you all.
Well, that’s about all I have this week from the BIRDHOUSE, but got lots of good reading in the making for this fall and well, you know (I don’t want to say that “W” word just yet), so hang in there with me and from us here at the BIRDHOUSE we wish y’all only the best of the best and blessing galore!