Bits of News from the BIRDHOUSE

By Debbie Bond

Where has time gone… here it is Thanksgiving time again. Reflecting back on the soon to be year passed I realize I have so much to be thankful for. Daily we are blessed and if we count not only the “BIG” blessings but the “small” ones as well then no one would be counting sheep come bed time, instead they would fall asleep counting blessings.

For those who would enjoy hearing about a wonderful blessing that boarders on miracle, I have one to share.  It’s a story, real life story about how the faith of one person and good doctors brought someone we love dearly back from what was sure to be death in a matter of hours, this is the wonderful blessing that our family shared in just a few weeks ago.

Larry’s sister, Rosie Cunningham Myers who lives in Waynesboro Virginia, is one of these people that’s always smiling, always happy, always ready to do whatever she can for someone, she is a faithful and good Jehovah Witness, and contrary to many who think Jehovah Witness’s are a pushy lot, I happened to respect their choice of religion and faithfulness and work, and flat out diligence on getting their gospel out there. But that’s another story…

I guess I need to start at the beginning, which is always a good place.  Rosie had been suffering with what she thought was a sinus infection for over a week. Being back and forth to her regular doctor who put her on the normal antibiotic and sent her home on a Tuesday. Come Thursday Rosie was no better, actually worse and went back to the doctor who told her she probably had water on the ear and sent her home again. Come Friday she was suffering so bad with headaches and off balance and feeling so bad that she had to go to the ER. There they ran a CT Scan and found a mass on her brain. The clock started ticking down at this moment.

She was rushed to Charlottesville Hospital where they informed her she was going to have to have emergency surgery. The family was called that Saturday morning in the hour just after dawn. The shock was great but the prayers were greater.

There is no way one can comprehend the speed in which one’s life can go from what we consider normal to  frantic. For Rosie, her life just went from bad to worse, health wise.  Her doctor told her if they could manage to not have to do surgery until Monday, when his “A” team would be available, he’d like to try and hold off, but if they saw they couldn’t he’d have to go in immediately. Praise the good Lord above that it was able to wait until Monday.

Monday morning, 5 a.m., we all are on pins and needles, everything is on schedule, they told the family it could take up to eight hours or longer. Every prayer chain anyone knew was started days before but was going overtime this day. Doctors told the family the risks, warned them of how she would be on a ventilator, and tubes and needles and all the scary things that they would see when she was out of surgery. Said they really didn’t know until they got in there the extent of what this tumor which was the size of a racket ball, may have done.

I am so happy to report, that not only did she come through the surgery, she was wide awake when the family saw her, she wasn’t hooked up to anything, the doctor said he felt there’d be no lasting effects, they got 99 percent of the tumor, no damage was seen and this was all on Monday and on Thursday of that very same week Rosie was sent home, with nursing care, of course, but home just the same. When we visited her at home she looked great, full of smiles and we were all full of tears of joy and happiness…

Thanksgiving – it means different things to different people. To our family this year it means giving thanks for blessing the family by giving us a miracle through Rosie. Oh, but we have much to be thankful for this year.

So this year when sitting around the table with your family, or sitting with only your partner beside you or sitting alone, remember there is always something to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving isn’t about the food, the desserts, although many of us love that part of the day, it’s about reflecting and remembering the blessings that have been bestowed upon us all, big or small.

I am so thankful for many things and thankful as well for you, my many readers who tell me when out and about how much you enjoy this little column. Those who sends cards and letters, they all mean so much to me. I am thankful for Mountain Messenger for allowing my humble little articles to be part of their wonderful newspaper.

Remember please, to share the blessings – be kind to people and pets, if you can support a child or family this Christmas please do, if you can afford to support your local Humane Society, please do and if you need a loving companion (I love and would take nothing for my baby hound dog) then I urge you if you are able to accept the responsibility of a pet then please adopt a shelter one. Always share a smile and remember a little kindness can go a long, long way.

From Larry, myself and Teaberry Hound, we  here at the BIRDHOUSE wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend, may you have safe travels and may your life always be filled with love, laughter and sprinkles.

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