Bits of News from the Birdhouse

Hello everyone, I am so sorry my column has been missing for so long but due to family issues I have been out of touch for some time, but happy to be back and doing much better.

We put our garden out late, as well as down sized it in a major way and believed it probably wouldn’t make it due to the many days we didn’t get rain. Yet, with finally getting rain these pass few days it’s “kicked” out of it and doing fantastic! We’ve been getting lots of cucumbers and a few peppers and squash and if nothing happens we should have more than enough tomatoes. There is absolutely nothing any better then walking out and picking fresh veggies to serve your family.

My brother will be heading out to get our canning tomatoes in the next week, so my outdoor canning kitchen will be hopping. We all work together to try and store up the wonderful things we not only grow and acquire but those things we head out to forage for in the woods to dry and jar up.

Most people have lost touch with the old ways of our grandparents who relied on what they canned to get them through the winter months, but also relied upon the plants and roots they found in the woods to make teas and even some things they used for medicinal purpose.

Thankfully I wrote down many of the home remedies and different teas that my grandmother told me about and served as well. With internet these days anyone can find and save all the important roots, leaves, berries and even flowers that one can use for so many things.

Since we last shared a good read… I celebrated a birthday. Larry also celebrated his birthday and he retired.  We had a small retirement celebration for him and our dear friend Margaret McCutcheon who also retired from teaching, here at the house and what a great day it was. As with all our celebrations we had good food, great people and wonderful music.

We were blessed with perfect weather that day and I was blessed with plenty of help in the form of my daughter, my niece and my dear friends. Nothing like seeing three generations of friends and family gathering, the older folks sitting and sharing stories, the young adults working to make sure everything was in place and then looking out and seeing the children running and playing in the yard. Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that give the biggest of blessings.

The Friday Night Jam Room which is in the Leivasy People Place building are in the process of planning a fundraiser of a special kind. I say this because although all the money  raised will benefit the Jam Room, the concert that is being planned is one of a kind and special because of the young man who will be performing. I will give all the details and the story of this sweet young man in the next column and I am so sure that when you read his story you’ll want to come out and show your support.

I may not have been submitting a column but I have been working on stories and what I hope to be interesting topics for future columns so I sure hope all my wonderful readers will put the word out that this old gal is back and ready to go.  You may, as always, write me at D. C. Bond, P.O. Box 673, Leslie, WV 25973, to say hello, share a story or recipe or to just chit chat. I will admit to being slow to respond but I do so enjoy hearing from you all.

As always it’s a great privilege to share my small bit of BIRDHOUSE news with everyone and by demand by a few will be sharing once again the story of the BIRDHOUSE, which is a sweet love story of sorts.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend and with the State Fair starting soon show patience with the many who will be coming into our area. I know things can get congested and oh so busy but just think of how much it benefits the area and how so many look forward to this event all year.

From us here at the BIRDHOUSE we wish you and yours only the best of the best and may many blessings come your way.



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