Bits of News from the BIRDHOUSE

By Debbie Bond

First allow me to apologize for lack of a column last week. I spent a week in the hospital, not the winter vacation I was hoping for, that’s for sure. Happy to report I am doing well and appreciate all the well wishes.

I hope everyone survived the arctic blast last week, as I said I wasn’t home so the darlin’ and hound were on their own. I’m glad to say they weathered it well and no mishap, although so many weren’t so lucky. We heard of so many that had water issues and in that kind of cold that’s not good at all. My heart and prayers went out to all the emergency workers, state road and especially the power linemen and the water company workers. There’s no way to imagine what these men and women go through to make sure we all have the luxuries we all enjoy.

For those in the nine counties that are now suffering the water issue due to a chemical leak, once again I couldn’t imagine the hardship it’s causing on them. I was actually released from CAMC just an hour before the no water usage went into effect. Knowing the water usage that facilities as that have to use, I am sure we have no idea how hard this is on them as well. All we can do is put up prayers that God just tends to all these matters and keep all safe in the process.

We have been having some wonderful evenings over in Nicholas County at the Leivasy People Place Friday Night Jam, which is every Friday night starting at 7 p.m. New folks coming all the time. A local fellow from down in Alderson along with his lovely family has become a regular over that way – Charlie Sizemore. Now Charlie is a tad shy but once he breaks loose he’s one great guitar and banjo picker. He says he sings a little but he’s not quite got his nerve up to do much vocals, but if he sings even a tenth as well as he plays we’re all in for such a wonderful treat!

Now, I have to share what I think is one of the cutest stories that came about last year. It involves Charlie and Nancy Sizemore’s boys, Preston and Dakota and a gentleman who helps run the jam room, Delmas Bennett of Nettie. I will set the story as best as can so bear with me. It’s hard not to think of the tale and not smile just real big.

Now Delmas Bennett is one of those people that’s just good to the bone. He always has a smile, a chuckle in his voice and makes everyone feel at home. No, he’s not chubby at all, but in the winter he grows a beard and like many of us his hair is silver and his beard is too. He’s just your average guy, I guess, in looks and build. At least we all thought that until Preston and Dakota told us different.

I had invited Charlie and Nancy and their boys to the jam room. I wasn’t there the night they got to go but Nancy facebook messaged me as soon as she got home. I got so tickled at her story that I immediately sent Delmas word of the story.

It seems that Delmas, just being Delmas was making sure the new folks were feeling welcome and from the stage when he’d see the boys he’d smile. Well, the boys started watching him real close. Next thing Nancy knows the boys are so excited and trying to tell their mommy that they figured it out – that man was Santa Claus! Nancy asked them why in the world they thought that, and they replied “Because his eyes twinkle when he smiles.” Well, there was no telling those two boys any different.

Once Nancy told me and I of course passed the word, the following Friday Delmas had them candy canes and candy bars. Delmas just made himself two best buddies for life. Until I saw the boys myself when they saw Delmas and saw first hand the love in those young eyes and the admiration I wouldn’t have believed the great earnestness in these little boys’ hearts that they actually found Santa Claus.

Well, via facebook messages “Santa” found out many things, such as the name of the elf on the shelf that came to the boys every year, the special thing they asked to find under the tree and so on and so forth. So when the boys would come on Friday night “Santa” was able to ask about his elf, as well as talk about the things they wanted. What a joy to watch the light in those young fellows’ eyes.

They got their heart’s desire and sorry to say “Santa” got the credit, although Charlie looked far and wide for that 410 shotgun. *giggles

It’s so wonderful to know there’s still folks like Delmas who can have the heart and kindness that gives joy to little fellows, it renews all our spirits I think when we look at things through a child’s eyes… and it doesn’t hurt knowing who Santa really is so we can all start asking for what we want early… *giggles I guess that makes Delmas’ beautiful wife Joyce, “Mrs. Claus.”

Well, I just don’t see how I can top the story of Santa so I’ll end the column with that this week. I hope all have a safe weekend and week ahead and remember in this new year to show kindness to those around you.

From us here at the BIRDHOUSE we wish you and yours the best of everything and many blessings. Until next time may you have much love, laughter and sprinkles.


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