Bikers must yield

Dear Editor:

A little common courtesy and old fashioned good manners would certainly go a long way towards harmony amongst people …. and one place, sadly, where it’s missing is the Greenbrier River Trail. The trail is one of Lewisburg’s greatest assets; a place where people can go to unwind, exercise, and enjoy the beauty of nature along the Greenbrier River. The trail is provided for our enjoyment, free of charge, and should not be a place for breeding rudeness towards each other which, unfortunately, is what is happening. For those of us who walk, jog, horseback ride and walk our dogs, it can, and has occasionally become a sometimes stressful and annoying place due to “THE BIKERS.” I cannot say that all folks who ride bikes on the trail are rude, because they are not. Some are extremely nice and considerate. But, on the other hand, there are those who MUST feel like they own the trail, it has been provided for their own personal use, and everyone else should move out of their way.

In reality, the rule for the river trail is “Horses have first priority, pedestrians second and bikers third priority.” Actually, in one paragraph, the phrase used is “Bikers Must Yield.” This is why I am writing you and hope you will publish my letter, so the folks who ride bikes can be educated, and realize that when we stop and move out of their way, we are going a step beyond what is required, and have every expectation of being treated courteously. I am certain that a lot of them must not know the rules, because in reality, some of the bikers are verbally rude, and fly through dangerously fast, with no regard for anyone else. Is it any easier for us on foot or horseback to stop our trek and move out of their way than it would be for them to extend the same courtesy to us? No one on foot is asking or expects them to stop and let us have the right of way, but we do expect to be treated with the same respect they demand for themselves. The river trail is not a place for anyone who is in such a hurry that they are rude to others. Alternate bike routes and paths have been paid for and provided by taxpayers to accommodate those in such cases. Please use these alternatives, and stop trying to run over those of us on foot, hoof and paws, while we are trying to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Greenbrier River.

Haley Jones



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