Beautiful radiant skin topic of New River CTC class

On Thursday, Oct. 16, the New River Community and Technical College Office of Workforce Education will offer a one-evening class on Beautiful Radiant Skin. This is one in a series of Body, Mind and Soul classes being taught by Sherry Ratliff. The class will meet from 6-8 p.m. at New River CTC’s Lee Street Complex (former Lewisburg Elementary School) in Lewisburg.

According to Ratliff, herbal skin care has proven to be a very useful approach in improving physical appearance, treating various skin problems and preventing illness. In this class she will discuss why various types of herbs may work better for certain groups or individuals depending on their skin type, condition, exposure and lifestyle.

Ratliff says that due to the fact that herbs are therapeutic in nature, they have an advantage over other natural skin care products. Herbal treatment for the skin provides a well-rounded approach that can alleviate symptoms affecting the skin as well as possibly prevent and fight present diseases and complications that may be actually causing the symptoms. She emphasizes that herbal is not the same as natural or organic, but may be categorized as botanical.

The registration deadline is Oct. 14. For further information, or to register, call the New River CTC Office of Workforce Education in Lewisburg at 304-793-3001 or 304-793-6101.


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