Attorney General Morrisey says consumers should be cautious of price gouging when replacing storm-damaged appliances

Morrisey: Consumers should know their options in the event of needing to replace an appliance

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey offered tips this week to West Virginia consumers to avoid price gouging when deciding to repair or replace appliances that are damaged during winter snowstorms and power outages.

“As winter weather continues, consumers will sometimes find themselves with appliances that need to be repaired or replaced due to damage from storms and power outages,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Purchasing a new appliance, or repairing your existing one can be a major expense that takes a big bite out of your budget. Our goal is to help consumers make the best choice for themselves.”

Here are some tips consumers may follow to make the best choice:

• Check to see if your appliance is still under warranty. Repairing the appliance on your own may void the warranty.

• Ask your insurance company if it will offer an adjusted replacement cost for the appliance.

• Get a written estimate on how much repairs will cost, and get a second opinion from another repairman. Remember that sometimes buying new is cheaper than repairing old.

“The best way to ensure you are making a smart decision is to do research before deciding whether to repair or replace an appliance,” Morrisey said. “Educating consumers can help guide them through complicated decisions during trying times.”

If you have questions about repairing or replacing appliances and product warranties, please call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division toll free at 800-368-8808.


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