Attention: Greenbrier Co. voters

Dear Voters:
I, Joyce Crane Burke, am writing to encourage voters in Greenbrier County to vote for Michael W. Burke, Democratic candidate for Greenbrier County Assessor. Many of you will recognize me as the daughter of the late Rev. Leroy Crane. Perhaps you will recognize me as a life-long resident of our beautiful Greenbrier County. More importantly, you will recognize me as a former employee of the Greenbrier County Clerk’s Office. For 40 years, I was blessed to be employed in the Greenbrier County Clerk’s Office in the capacity of Deputy County Clerk, where one of my duties was Payroll Clerk to Greenbrier County. While serving as Payroll Clerk, it was my privilege to have as one of my payroll members, Michael W. Burke, who has served our county, as an employee of the Greenbrier County Assessor’s Office for 25 years. Michael has served under three former assessors, Clyde L. Bowling, Nancy Sartor and Steve Keadle. Upon Mr. Keadle’s recent retirement, he recommended Michael Burke to the Greenbrier County Commission for their consideration to fill his unexpired term. The County Commission had the confidence to approve the appointment of Michael Burke as Greenbrier County Assessor to complete the unexpired term of Steve Keadle. Michael has chosen to run as a Democratic candidate for Assessor in the upcoming election to retain the position to which he has been so graciously appointed.
During my tenure as Payroll Clerk, I found Michael to be one of the most diligent, conscientious, capable and responsible employees of the Courthouse. As Payroll Clerk, I was required to have a “one on one” business relationship with each of our employees, whether they be hired or elected. As such, I found Michael to be loyal to his job, faithful in attendance and kind and considerate to the public. He was always there to serve you the taxpayer, at any cost. I, also, found Michael to be faithful to his God, supportive of his family and totally dedicated to the duties of his employment. Michael is honest, straightforward, concerned and the most experienced candidate for the management of the Assessor’s Office.
In November, 2003, Michael experienced the untimely tragedy of the death of his mother, Judy Burke, to a sudden illness. It was three years after her death, that the “unexpected” would occur. In 2006, I married Charles “Doonie” Burke, Michael’s father, and you guessed it! I not only wrote Michael’s paycheck, but I’m now blessed to be his step-mother.
As Michael’s step-mother for ten years and counting, I still find him dedicated, considerate, loyal, faithful, honest, diligent and conscientious in all walks of life, be it church, family, neighbors or workplace.
Therefore, I believe that Michael Burke is the best choice and most experienced candidate for the job of Assessor of Greenbrier County. Michael is and will continue to be a working assessor, both in the office and in the field. I would ask that you give him your sincere consideration and:
Vote Michael Burke, Democratic candidate for Greenbrier County Assessor on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.
Thank you and God bless you,
Joyce Crane Burke
Retired Deputy County Clerk
Greenbrier County

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