Arts Management Career Studies Certificate added at DSLCC

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College has established a new Career Studies Certificate program in Arts Management. Classes will begin in the fall.

The 21-credit Arts Management program will provide an overview of the key business-related support areas that are part of most nonprofit organizations related to the arts, especially those that operate in smaller communities. It is frequently the case that some employees are expected to fill multiple roles so it is important that they have at least a general understanding of all aspects of the business that are critical for the sustained success of the organization.

Four courses will be scheduled for the Fall Semester:

• “Orientation to the Arts” will provide an overview of the types of organizations that are arts-based. The format may include lecture, field trips and presentations by guest speakers.

• “Principles of Marketing” covers the basics of marketing and students may be assigned real-world projects that relate to venues throughout the region.

• “Topics in Fundraising and Development” will include important topics related to the generation of funds needed to sustain an arts-based organization or other non-profit operation. The focus will be placed on how and why funds must be solicited to maintain the fiscal health of an organization, and how cultivating friends of the organization generally leads to contributions.

• “Topics in Financial Management for the Arts” is a course that demonstrates the differences found in non-profit organizations in terms of basic accounting, tax information and related topics. The course may also be of interest to those who work or volunteer in nonprofit organizations not related to the arts.

“Communities with an arts-based economy are found in nearly all states”, commented DSLCC President Dr. John Rainone. “While some view the arts purely as recreation or an outlet to express one’s self in creative ways, arts-based ventures may be much more than that, serving to catalyze growth and small business development, even in small, rural areas. Many skill sets are needed. For example, when you attend an elaborate theatrical performance or a concert, there are many tasks that had been completed before the curtain went up. Someone marketed the event, sold tickets, contracted with the performers, arranged for sound and lighting, and many other things. The new program introduces individuals to the support positions that are found in venues such as theaters, concert halls, arts & crafts centers, museums and many others. The courses prepare them to seek entry-level employment or be more knowledgeable volunteers.”

Spring 2017 courses will be announced at a later time. Successful completion of all seven courses will qualify students to earn a Career Studies Certificate by May, 2017.

Registration for the Fall Semester gets underway on Apr. 1. Call Student Services at 540-863-2820 or the DSLCC Rockbridge Regional Center at 540-261-1211 to make an appointment with an academic advisor. New students should complete an Application for Admission to DSLCC which may be found at

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