‘Argument is basically total BS’

Dear Editor:
I want to start out by sending my congratulations to Greg Zafros on his new job. I knew the Democratic National Committee would be looking for someone to replace Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and it surely wouldn’t take them long finding someone that is an expert at stretching the truth and down right just plain lying their heart out for the Party! You get the job, Zafros, hands down the winner! Again, congratulations!
You really gave it your all, bantering back and forth with Mr. Tuckwiller but when it came to me, I guess you just didn’t have any real argument to present, so you chose the easy way out. I guess what I had to say in my letter was over your head and you couldn’t find a rational way of responding. I’ve seen the Democratic Party do that same thing all the time when they get backed into a corner and don’t know what to say. They try to DEFLECT the truth. AVOID the truth at all costs! If it means just out and out lying, then so be it! It seems that lying has become a way of life within the Democratic Party. Try to demonize the opponent, make them out to be nuts. That’s standard operating procedure by the Democrats. You can’t stand going toe to toe because you know that your argument is basically total BS! Wouldn’t stand the light of day!
Zafros, let’s look at your response to Tuckwiller. I’m going to skip all the BS you tried to use to make your answers as confusing as possible. Let’s just boil it down to bare bones. How about me bantering with you now?!
#1 Jobs; OK, the one million jobs per month you claim is a lie. Out and out! Your the one with the HUGE lack of math skills! This month, Obama’s administration is claiming a 250,000 jobs gain, not the one million you are claiming! My question, is that the potato digging jobs in Idaho? The corn picking jobs? The lettuce picking jobs in California? The grape picking jobs in the vineyards? What jobs are they talking about? Is this report like the one they use at Christmas when all the thousands of part time jobs are filled at K-Mart and Wal Mart for the three weeks until Christmas is over?! Give me a break man, all you have to do is look around! What jobs are being created? I don’t see ANY! What a joke! No I shouldn’t say the word “JOKE” because there isn’t ANYTHING funny about not having a REAL job!!! This is just more LIES being imposed on the American people!
#2 The Budget Deficit; This is very simple. The National Debt was 9 trillion when Bush left office. Now it is over 19 Trillion quickly approaching 20 trillion. Obama has spent more money than all the previous Presidents COMBINED going back to George Washington! As far as I’m concerned, the Budget Deficit pales in comparison!
#3 Benghazi; If there had been 50 investigations, costing a billion dollars, it would not matter. What does matter is the fact that Obama and Hillary are BOTH guilty of costing those four Americans their very lives by not being responsible enough to do the very jobs entrusted to them by the American taxpayers! They were actually arguing over whether or not the possible rescuers should go dressed in military uniform or in civilian clothes! How ridiculous can it get?! They are DIRECTLY responsible for those four dead Americans! And then have the audacity to LIE to the American people about a video?! Pure despicable! I choose to believe the accountings of the people who were there and survived, and not the lies of Hillary. THE FACTS WILL ALWAYS TRUMP THE LIES!! Pun intended!
#4 Foreign Policy; How about this, Zafros? Neither Obama or Hillary can even utter the words, “RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!” Are you kidding me? You have the audacity to blame the rise of ISIS on the schedule Bush left behind to withdraw our troops from Iraq?! I thought Obama was the new President in charge, wasn’t he smart enough to realize what was happening with the formation of ISIS? Oh, that’s right, he called them the “JV” team! That’s right! Did you conveniently forget that?
#5 Coal; So you’re saying that all these 60,000 coal miners and their families in WV alone, are going to be taken care of by Hillary, huh? By retraining and other resources? I’d love to see you go out and meet and talk to these miners and tell them to their faces just that. I’d say you would most likely have your butt handed to you! In short order! Please explain how these miners are going to be retrained. Retrained to do what exactly? These people DO NOT want a hand out! They want their jobs back and that is that! They are smart enough to know that we are NOT ready to abandon coal yet due to a lag time in technology. Go ahead in your next letter, Zafros, and explain how we’re going to have all our electricity generated by solar and wind!
And why can’t I blame the decline of coal on Obama and Hillary? Obama has used the EPA to hammer the Coal Industry with unbelievable regulations and Hillary has said point blank she will be even harder on the industry than Obama! Why can’t I lay that at their feet? They think we Americans can afford $1,000 a month power bills. That’s exactly where this is all headed with their ridiculous Progressive mind set! Totally delusional! And what Trump would say to the miners wouldn’t be “YOU’RE FIRED,” it would be “YOU’RE HIRED!”
Now, just so you know ahead of time, Zafros, although I know Frank Tuckwiller can take care of his own battles quite well I’m sure, I can banter with you until Hades freezes over! I’m more than willing to be your huckleberry!
James G. Livesay

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