Aqua Tech Team learns about water cycle

Pictured: members of Rupert Public Library Aqua Tech Team – Left side: Sara Skaggs (front), Emma Edens, Levi Skaggs, Sue Skaggs and Jacob Skaggs; Right side: Andrew Taylor (front), Noah Taylor, Rebecca Skaggs and Carol McClung.

The Rupert Public Library Aqua Tech Team completed their project, The Aquaponic’s Cycle. The team members learned that the earth has a limited amount of water.

That water keeps going around and around in what we call the water cycle. This cycle is made up of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. The team learned that they could raise fish by using rainwater fed ponds. They created a Lego display depicting the combination of raising fish and the soil-less growing of plants together in one integrated system. They each learned how to program a robot by using their iPad and Legos. The Aqua Tech program was sponsored by Fairmont University.

The team consisted of home school students, from six to 12 years old.  The Aqua Tech team leaders are Sue and Randy Skaggs. Team members are Emma Edens, Andrew Taylor, Noah Taylor, Sara Skaggs, and Levi Skaggs.  Support members are Rebecca Skaggs, and Jacob Skaggs.

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