Why is the answer always ‘more money?’

Dear Editor:

I am an advocate of having a strong tourism bureau in the Greenbrier Valley. And, I believe, the organization here does a splendid job in promoting this area and all the events and activities and businesses. I even think their facility was a good addition to our downtown.

However, I do not think that their request for an additional $450,000 is either reasonable or necessary. I visited their web site today and found it to be “normal.” Nowhere was there a message saying “We are OK,” “The downtown is open for business,” or “Our restaurants are serving great meals.”

Seems to me that social media is the first place people look for information. The visitor’s bureau should be adjusting their current message and promotions to emphasize the positive. And please tell me, “Who is taking up all the parking spaces downtown?”

Barbara Tuckwiller




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