Animal Control officer needs to go!

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen, regarding the Greenbrier Animal Control Officer, Robert McClung.

I am not the owner of the Weimaraner, Giant, whose life is at stake today!

His owner (a local business owner) is being threatened by this corrupt ACO. McClung has deemed this beloved dog vicious, after an incident where the dog ‘nipped’ someone. The dog was just playing, and the skin was not broken. How can this be called ‘vicious?’

The owner of Giant, stated that “The dog warden took Giant away on Saturday, to be destroyed. He was leashed, and a 12 year old rode her bike in his path from behind, and startled him. He chased the bike, only to the end of his leash and nipped at her leg.” No one was injured, but McClung decided, of his own accord that the dog is vicious, and needs to be destroyed.

The owners of the dog, Giant, stated that McClung told them if they did not sign over their dog to him, that they would face jail time of 30 days for harboring a vicious dog. What gave him the right to arbitrarily be judge and jury of this poor dog’s life, and threaten the owner?

Due to the threats, the owners are frightened, and will sign over their beloved pet to be killed. This is egregious! This is a family pet, who has done nothing wrong.

The owners, Dog Rescue groups, and Dog Trainers have offered to help. The dog could be trained, and even re-homed if necessary, but McClung said NO. He gave them no options.

McClung made these decisions without consulting anyone. His superior, Karen Lobban, the Greenbrier County Commissioner, was out of town, so he used this opportunity to his advantage to force the owners of Giant, to sign their beloved dog over to him. Many people in our community, have expressed outrage, and tried to come to the aid of Giant’s owner, so far with no results. This family pet should not be killed, because this power-hungry Animal Control Officer is not capable of doing his job properly.

This man is completely unfit for the position of Animal Control Officer in Greenbrier County. Numerous complaints have been filed against him, and he is actually afraid of dogs. His prejudice colors his job. He is rarely available in situations of abuse to animals, and his phone’s voice mailbox is usually full and no one can even leave a message. Urgent calls go unanswered, and pets have died due to his apathy and fear. He has said after a half dozen calls regarding one incident of abuse, that “It slipped his mind to investigate.” This is NOT the type of person we need in this critical position.

I have called him in the past regarding issues of animal neglect and abuse in my own neighborhood, and was told he did not have time to deal with it. When he does answer a call, he does nothing to rectify the situation. He doesn’t see anything wrong with animals being caged up with no water, and living in filth, and their own feces.

This over-extension of power in the hands of ONE man, is the reason I ask that my name be withheld due to retribution to my own beloved pets.

Linda Montgomery


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