The Lewisburg City Council voted on Tuesday to approve the Red Dragonwing Begonia, a non-native hybrid, as this year’s official flower of Lewisburg at the Lewisburg In Bloom event to be held over Memorial Day weekend in May. Lewisburg in Bloom coordinator Shannon Beatty said the begonia has been used as a brightly colorful flower display in the baskets hung on lampposts offering a unifying iconic look every spring. The city will promote the Lewisburg In Bloom event with a sale of the Red Dragonwing Begonia starting on May 20, at City Hall, a week before Memorial Day. A five and a half inch pot will run $6, she said.

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Greenbrier Valley Airport employees got hands-on training in a mock rescue operation using a fake plane given to them by WVU. Groups of four employees strapped on gear, and with the aid of firefighters, they were trained to meet all the training requirements in rescuing people from a fire on a plane. Employees handled fire hoses spewing out more than 100 pounds of water pressure to combat a pit fire. The employees said the operation gave them a new respect for what firefighters and first responders do every day.