Local nonprofit organization Davis Stuart, Inc. has partnered with local businesses to benefit West Virginia teens and families throughout the month of March. The Hope Fund, a spring campaign for Davis Stuart, is a program where participating stores will sell a paper “egg” for a dollar to customers. The customers write their name or a name of their choosing on the egg, which is then placed on display at the store. The proceeds donated will directly serve teens and families across the state who rely on the services Davis Stuart provides. Participating businesses are The Bakery, Cakes and Cones, Shoney’s, Dairy Queen, IGA and Magic Mart.

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Greenbrier West High School vocational students in Steve Lytle’s class are building a tiny house from the ground up. The 260-square foot home is inspired by the television show “Tiny House Nation.”

Lytle plans to have students build a tiny home each year. The Greenbrier County Board of Education will decide where this year’s tiny home will ultimately end up.


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