On December 17, the Tutoring Center Foundation of Lewisburg closed their doors for good after more than 16 years of operation. Begun in the home of Nancy and Rich Zobel in 1999 and moved to its current location on Lafayette Street in 2002, over the years, it became a mainstay of the community, helping over 1,000 students to improve their academic achievement and to prepare for college entrance exams. Lack of funding has forced the nonprofit organization into closure. The center, with its homey and inviting atmosphere, will be a sorely missed community resource.

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Talk of a new ordinance requiring recreational sports teams to pay for the use of the fields at the city’s parks has parents in Lewisburg worried that they may not be able to afford to let their kids play a sport. The ordinance is still in its early stages, but Lewisburg council members encourage people to come to the next Parks Commission meeting on January 5th, when this issue will be discussed further.
Council member Josh Baldwin says he recognizes that sports are important, and their goal is not to deter anyone from getting involved. “The ball leagues are getting young people off the couch, out of their homes and active more than 60 minutes a day. That’s a great thing to have and so we’re not trying to prohibit that, in any way, with the use of these fees,” says Baldwin.


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