Alderson’s Old Hotel Property survey under review

By Brenda Boykin

Alderson Town Council met on Monday, Nov. 17, and passed a resolution authorizing Mayor Travis Copenhaver to sign a confirmation deed for the “Old Hotel Property.” The property is located across from the railroad depot. Eugene Kelley did the survey of the property. Margaret Hambrick with Alderson Main Street also explained the property adjoins the Holcomb property and their survey brings into question a 10 foot section that they claim to own. Although the resolution was passed, the recording of the survey will be delayed a couple of weeks to give the Holcomb lawyers an opportunity to review the legal documentations.

A request was also made by Hambrick for a letter of support from the town of Alderson for the Greenbrier Historical Society Friends of the Blue to be given a grant from the State Historical Preservation Office for restoration of the Blue Sulphur Springs pavilion. The motion was passed by council.

Council approved erecting a yield sign at the west end of C&O Plaza, a stop sign at the South Monroe Street and Railroad Avenue intersection, and a yield sign at the east end of Railroad Avenue. These signs are needed for enforcement issues. The mayor will amend the map to reflect the council’s decision.

Council passed the resolution for expenditures totally to $61,667.41 for the WV Senate Bill 245 waste water treatment plant project.

Tom Dameron presented a report on the BAD (Blighted, Abandoned and Dilapidated buildings) three day summit conference in Huntington. The mayor asked him to form a group to that will devise a plan for Alderson.

Council approved a $250 year end incentive for each of the town employees. That remains the same as last year.

Jean and Randy Burdette submitted a notarized letter requesting the removal of the multiple occupancy charge on their water bill since there is no longer an apartment being rented in their home. The request was approved.

The town’s insurance premium final cost was $53,000. That includes replacement coverage on the $11,426,895 assets owned by the town.

A town safety committee was formed this month with Rick Burns as director. The committee will inspect the water plant operations. It is an employee-run committee and will meet monthly. This will help the town save on worker’s comp insurance.