Alderson Town Council holds first meeting of the year

By Brenda Boykin

The Alderson Town Council approved expenditures of $46,684 for Resolution 14 for the WVSB245 Wastewater Treatment Plant as submitted by Stafford Consultants engineering firm during the Jan. 8 meeting. The third reading for the proposal to refinance the 1983 and 2001 sewer improvement bonds was also passed.

The 2015 election calendar was approved. The general election will be held on Tuesday, June 9.

Council asked Margaret Hambrick to submit WV Legislative Grant requests for a repairing, resurfacing, and cleaning the three water tanks. They also asked for grant requests for roof repairs and road paving.

The mayor reported that the town has purchased a backup generator for the sewer plant lift stations. Overtime has decreased at the water plant due to improved operation efficiency. The police department is losing full time officer Jordan Clendenen and part time officer Bruce Hosey. Ads are being run to hire their replacements.

It has been determined that under the requirements of the Greenbrier County Arts and Recreation grant, the $14,000 funded to the town is to be used strictly for the purchase of supplies necessary for repairs and improvements. No independent contractor can be paid with those funds, nor can the contractor purchase the supplies. The Alderson Parks Commission can act as administrator and will have to make the necessary arrangements for the labor.

The Little League will hold a meeting Tuesday, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m. in the concession stand building at the Alderson Municipal Park. The board members will be elected at that meeting. A topic of concern to the council and the parks commission is the lack of caretaking for the park when it is in use by the Little League.


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