Alderson Town Council appoints new member

The Alderson City Council welcomed Doris Kasley to fill a vacant seat on the council. Beverly Kirby was appointed to serve as a member on the Library Board. Mayor Travis Copenhaver, engineer Amy McClure, and council member Charles Lobban, Jr. will form the Sanitary Sewer Utility Board.

The first reading to amend Chapter 1B of the criminal code was presented by the mayor to add “conspiring to corm-nit a misdemeanor.” This was approved by the council. It will be added to the code upon the second reading.

The Alderson Police Department has hired three part-time officers, with William Nester filling the corporal position.

The town obtained workers’ comp insurance for $10,000 and received a FEMA grant of $110,000 for the Alderson Community Center, which serves as emergency center, for the purchase of an emergency generator.

Clinton Kirk is providing the town with blue light bulbs to be given out to anyone interested in showing their support of the police.

According to the mayor at least some of the town’s water loss is due to leaks in the water tanks. Cracks were found in the Muddy Creek tank, and it is expected the same will be found in the Monroe County tank. All three of the town’s tanks are in process of being repaired.

The council previously approved the refinancing of the 1983 and 2001 Sewer Improvement Bonds. Council approved the issuance of the Sewer Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 2015 A and Series 2015 B. The council also approved the draw resolutions providing for the payment of invoices relating to these bonds. A sweep resolution pertaining to the automatic payment of bonds to the Municipal Bond Commission was passed. The draw resolutions and the sweep resolution are necessary, because although the bonds are held by the Ohio Valley Bank, payment has to be processed through the Municipal Bond Commission.


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