Alderson property owners notified of violations

Beginning on Mar. 12, Alderson Police Department began notifying property owners within the municipality of various property violations that do not comply with the town’s ordinances. Over the next month, officers will be working with property owners and tenants to remedy the violations. This is a town-wide notification. The goal is “Cleaning Up, Not Citations or Fines.” The city is in the process of having a couple of bins placed at the recycling site in town for tires, appliances and metals. This will be a free service for property owners and hopefully help give them an option for disposal of items they may not have been able to get rid of. Overgrowth of brush and yard waste can be burned in town following the rules of the WV Division of forestry during burn season. Those rules can be found at
As part of this enforcement of ordinances, the city is reviewing customers in its billing system who may own properties that have been vacated and have not been paying the municipal service fee on the property. This fee is not waived if the structure on the property is not lived in or is vacated. Properties that are in violation of the municipal service fees may have had liens filed previously on the property. Owners who have misplaced, overlooked, or not paid the service fee billings will be receiving those bills with the back due balance as well. If no payment is received, the city will be filing the liens in the appropriate county to remedy these issues.
If you are part of a group that would like to assist property owners in need of remedying property issues please contact City-Hall at 304-445-2916 and asked to be put on their list available for those asking for assistance.

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