Alderson Green Grocer reopens after renovations


After closing briefly for renovations, the Alderson Green Grocer has reopened with a new layout and expanded inventory.

Customers can expect the same community-focused market, with an updated shopper-friendly feel. They’ll find a larger produce section, and a bulk section with nuts, beans, snacks and dried fruits. The deli now offers more fresh meats and cheeses, and a new menu featuring soups, paninis, wraps, chili dogs and a salad bar with locally sourced greens.

Shoppers will find both conventional and organic options in the dairy section, a well-stocked ice cream section, and the convenience of frozen fruits and vegetables. With a commitment to supporting the local food economy, the Grocer has phased out some inventory that can be found at other local outlets, making more space for local meats, breads and vegetables, as well as other West Virginia made products.

Two and a half years ago, the Green Grocer was a little food stand in the corner of Patti Grafton’s Wolf Creek Gallery. It was operated by the Alderson Community Food Hub, a non-profit with the mission of connecting local producers with local consumers. When the town’s only full-service grocery store closed, the Food Hub launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to expand the food stand into a larger grocery store with a local foods focus.

Several years later, the Green Grocer team is now beginning its next chapter. They would like to ask customers to stop in to see the new look, and then keep coming back. Every purchase supports the community efforts of the Grocer and the Food Hub, with other projects in Alderson like the weekly community market, the community garden, and garden education programs. The Grocer also wants to take a moment to thank all the volunteers and supporters who are making this store possible. In the words of the Alderson Community Food Hub Executive Director, Thomas Key, “Come on down to the Alderson Green Grocer, and see for yourself what people can accomplish when they work together for a common cause.”

The Alderson Green Grocer is open from Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. For more information, find them on Facebook at Alderson Green Grocer.



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